Tech influx – Displaying Apple and Samsung’s new ranges

Displaying Apple and Samsung’s new ranges 2020

The iPhone 12 is set to hit stores on October 23, with the latest model tipped to draw huge interest due to a new design and fresh features. It joins a line-up of new devices all hitting the shelves in time for Christmas, so let’s look at what’s on offer and how retailers can maximise…

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New Apple products launched – Time to reassess your tech security?

New Apple products

Apple has quietly unveiled a new lineup of products with new iPad Pros now available, the latest iPhone SE soon to hit the market, and rumours also now circulating about the impending release of the iPhone 12. Renowned as hugely popular products that inevitably spark a surge in consumer interest, here’s an insight into the…

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Have you considered magnet-resistant security tags?

Security Tags - Magnet-resistant

Whether it’s apparel, liquor or electronics, when it comes to protecting valuable or commonly stolen items from theft, occasionally you need to think outside the box. And a highly effective method of defeating the clued-up modern shoplifter is through the use of magnet-resistant tags. So, what are magnet-resistant tags, when can they be used and…

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Police look at new charges for ‘swarming’ shoplifting

Swarming Shoplifting

Victoria Police are considering introducing a new charge to tackle the rising incidence of ‘swarming’. Usually aimed at telco retailers and electronics stores, ‘swarming’ sees a couple or numerous offenders enter a retail outlet en masse to steal valuable items like mobile phones. It often involves a level of force that sees products ripped from…

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Apple’s Watch 5 to prompt surge in wearable popularity

Smart watch - wearables vitag

Apple has unveiled its latest smart watch as more and more brands embrace the wearable trend and these accessories continue to grow in popularity. For retailers, the Apple Watch and its counterparts offer a real opportunity to spark consumer interest, but as a high-value item prone to theft, they also require a loss prevention focus.…

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Survey finds telco stores a prime target for theft

Survey finds Telco stores a prime target for theft

A retail crime security survey focussed specifically on Australia and New Zealand has found customer theft accounts for over half of all lost revenue from Australian stores, with telecommunications stores suffering the highest losses per incident. The findings support recent news that telecommunications stores are regularly targeted by gangs, with thieves becoming increasingly brazen in…

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Apple among the retailers revamping to enhance customer experience

Retailers revamping to enhance customer experience

Tech giant Apple is among the latest retailers to revamp its stores in a bid to enhance the customer experience, unveiling a new-look outlet at Bondi Junction in Sydney. The re-imagined retail store features a focus on “education and inspiration”, while also boasting environmentally friendly credentials. It follows a trend that sees many big retailers…

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