About Us

Vitag have been promoting store security systems in an unobtrusive and effective manner protecting your inventory and profits from would-be shoplifters for over a decade. Founded in 2000, Vitag has grown into an effective and a complete one-stop-shop for store security.
Through our consultative approach we will tailor a solution specific to your needs from our range of Security Tags, Detection Systems, Tablets and Mobile Phone Solutions, Laptop Security, CCTV, Locking Hooks and Secure Displays to best meet your business requirements. With Vitag’s holistic approach, all the products on offer work in unison to provide a complete harmonious solution.

We develop cost-effective solutions for every size of retailer, no matter the size. In the last financial year alone, we offered over 15 categories of loss prevention solutions and up to 690 product lines, to all retail sectors across Australia and New Zealand, all delivered and administered by Vitag’s expert team.

Retail sectors have utilised our expertise ranging from fashion apparel, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, sports, office supplies to D.I.Y.; at Vitag we can cover and protect every retail category with confidence, ease and surety.

With the rise of the internet and social media, its role in educating and supplying shoplifters means that store security needs to be a step ahead of the shop thieves. To ensure we are ahead of this trend we are not reliant on a single manufacturer, rather we source the best products from around the globe giving us the most up to date shop security technology ensuring our clients have peace of mind improving their business’s bottom line.

In addition to Vitag’s security expertise and technological advances lays another strength, its superior customer service. No call centres or automatic answering systems during office hours at Vitag. Our staff and management are easily contactable via internet live chat, direct phone lines or online contact forms.

Take a virtual tour of our office. Alternatively, come to visit us and have a look at our showroom.

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