FittingRoom Guard


FittingRoom Guard is a purpose-designed technology created to detect the use of concealed tag detachers within change rooms, allowing staff to be alerted when a thief attempts the removal of security tags.


When it comes to store security, the fitting room remains one of the most challenging areas for retail outlets to monitor and guard against shoplifting.

By nature, fitting rooms are private, out of CCTV range and offer a venue for the shoplifters to conceal items before removing them from the store.

FittingRoom Guard is installed at the fitting rooms, where the retailers are most challenged by magnetic detachers utilised to remove the hard tags.

FittingRoom Guard

How it works?

FittingRoom Guard detects magnetic movement when a shoplifter removes tags with a detacher. While the shoplifter is still in the fitting room, staff are alerted in real time by the portable pager. Staff can then stop shoplifters before they exit the store.


  • Cat5e cables are used for the installations, pushing the power from a controller protecting up to 11 fitting rooms.
  • Using software tuning, all types of magnetic detachers can be detected.
  • Sales assistants are informed via a pager, no monthly subscription required.
  • Pagers allows staff to be alerted in real-time.
  • Optional: Antenna sound or visual alarm add-on deters shoplifters from proceeding with the theft.
  • Made in Europe. High quality.
FittingRoom Guard
FittingRoom Guard
FittingRoom Guard