Is the security system constantly ‘false alarming’?

Check to make sure that there are no security tags within the ‘NO TAG’ zone. This will generally be within 2 metres of the system. A simple ‘rule of thumb’ to assist with this check: stretch your arms out, like you are doing a star jump, and make sure there are no security tags within, or just out of your reach, all around each pedestal.

When this check is complete, if the system is STILL alarming:

Move all stock located within 2 metres of the system (even if it is not security tagged) to at least 2.5 metres away. This is just in case someone has accidentally put a tag too close. That tag may have been placed amongst items not meant to be tagged –in fact, in over 90 per cent of reported cases of False Alarming, we find that the alarms are caused by a tag within the vicinity.

It is important to check this, because even if the system is under warranty, if we find a tag within the 2 metre ‘No Tag Zone’ then the service call is chargeable. Security tags placed within the ‘no tag’ zone, ie. Too close to the system ARE NOT covered by warranty.


If the security system does not appear to be operating at all, firstly walk through with a number of tags (to ensure that a faulty tag is not the problem). If still no alarm occurs, check to see if power is applied to the system: inspect the security pedestals for any visible sign of power being connected, ie. LED’s glowing etc. Also check where the system is plugged into. If plugged into a power point, check that it is switched on and the power cord is inserted correctly. If the connection point is not obvious, check at the main switchboard to see if any circuit breakers have been switched off.

If you are now happy no security tags are in the detection zone and would like us to attend to the fault, please contact us.

IF YOU STILL wish to PROCEED with a service call:

Make sure someone in authority at the store approves the potential costs that may be incurred. If at all possible, obtain a Purchase Order number. Then please fill in the Service Form and our Service department will contact you to discuss the issue you might be experiencing.

SERVICE:      1300 773 884