Samsung A52 and A72 to hit the shelves


The latest in the line-up of affordable Samsung smartphones is soon to hit stores across the country, prompting retailers to look at new and innovative ways to display the latest hardware.

So which new models are about to go on sale and how should they be showcased?

The Samsung A52, A52 5G, and A72

Unveiled at Samsung Unpacked on March 17, the Samsung Galaxy A52, A52 5G, and A72 are Samsung’s budget-friendly alternative to its flagship Galaxy S range.

Released with the mantra of ‘Amazing technology for all’ Samsung’s A-series of smartphones is designed to put cutting edge technology in everyone’s hands at an affordable price.

The line-up runs the Android operating system and is targeted at the everyday user who may not require or have the budget for Samsung’s flagship top-of-the-line S-Series.

Samsung notes they do this “by combining handpicked innovations from some of Samsung Electronics’ most advanced smartphones with foundational features that Galaxy users know and love”.

Meanwhile, they’ve been described as blurring the lines “between affordable phones and some of the very best phones on the market”.
So, let’s break the latest models in the A-series down…

Samsung Galaxy A52

Samsung Galaxy A52
Image cerdits: Samsung.

The Samsung A52 is the most affordable of the three options and features a 6.5-inch screen that is water and dust resistant and includes a high-end camera with four lenses.

Inside there’s a battery that is designed to last up to two days, and the A52 is slated to retail from AU$599.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
Image credits: Samsung.

The 5G variant of the A52 offers all the same features of the base model, but as the name suggests also comes with 5G mobile network compatibility.

It comes with double the internal storage built-in (256GB) and looks set to have a base price of $649.

Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung Galaxy A72
Image cerdits: Samsung.

At 6.7-inches, the A72 is slightly larger than the two A52 models, and also boasts a couple of features above and beyond the A52 specs.

Like the A52, it has a multi-lens camera array but replaces the 5MP macro camera with an 8MP telephoto lens.

Meanwhile, the A72 packs a 5000mAh battery, and is available with 256GB storage, with the ability to extend that further using a MicroSD card.

It will likely retail from AU$749.

Display tips for retailers

With the camera array set to be one of the major attractions of the latest Samsung A-series line up, consumers will want to get up close and personal with these smartphones to see exactly what’s on offer.

There will also be an opportunity for up-selling courtesy of accessories like Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds that Samsung promotes as being compatible with the three devices. Meanwhile, the entire Samsung range of smartwatches, tablets and smartphones together create an ecosystem of intuitive devices that readily connect.

That makes a versatile and visually appealing display a must, while the security of the devices will also be a priority.

Our suggested display would be the InVue range and the OnePOD option in particular.

InVue OnePOD

Featured product: InVue OnePOD

The state-of-the-art OnePOD display system is designed to accommodate technology like tablets and smartphones in a variety of sizes, making it ideal as a display that can cater to an ever-evolving array of devices.

Critically, OnePOD also offers the opportunity to showcase this technology to the best advantage. With the latest Samsung A-series phones now seeing a greater focus on the camera at the rear of the device, customers are keener than ever to feel these devices in their hands, see what they can do and inspect the elements that differentiate them from their competitors.

With its unique cradle and tethering ability, OnePOD is among very few displays that can accommodate this trend.

In addition, the system offers increased security features like steel clamps, steel stands and steel-reinforced cables, along with a seamless design.

OnePOD also features security alarms and comes with a range of options to suit various sized devices and accessories. It offers single smart key access across the range, allowing merchandise to be quickly locked down or restocked.

Importantly, OnePOD is purpose-designed to embrace both the customer experience and theft protection and allows retailers to offer a uniform, unobtrusive look across their range.

You can learn more about OnePOD here.