Transforming the in-store customer experience with OnePOD

Telstra Store Epping - OnePOD


The Telstra Epping store was unsatisfied with their aging solution. The mobile phone display stands were always on lock-down position; customers could not pick up or interact with the phones. The locked down devices provided a very poor customer shopping experience.

Store Manager Brady Massari began seeking out a solution to completely upgrade the Telstra store experience.

It was crucial to have a solution that allowed customers to touch devices while also ensuring quick nightly removal and fast re-merchandising in the morning.

A newer, more modern display solution was needed to elevate the store experience and better showcase products.


InVue’s One55 was installed throughout the store – 34 positions in total. The newly installed OnePOD platform provided an aesthetically pleasing, high security way to display mobile phones and tablets.

Customers could now pick up and interact with merchandise. In addition, the nightly removal process and morning re-merchandising was made easy for associates and ensured that devices were protected overnight.

“Vitag was our supplier of choice due to their reputation and relationship with Telstra corporate.”
— Brady Massari, Store Manager, Telstra Epping


Telstra Store Epping - OnePOD

The OnePOD One55 completely modernised the store without sacrificing security and helped increase sales.

The OnePOD solution created a uniform and pleasing look across all tablets and mobile phones. The store also saw a significant improvement in the efficiency of changing out merchandise in a timely manner.

In addition, the OnePOD solution ensured that all phones were secured and safe. Beyond this, customers could now interact with the displayed merchandise, making for a better overall shopping experience.

The entire customer experience at the Telstra Epping store has been transformed into a more customer friendly shopping experience while maintaining high security.