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Counting and Analytics solutions from Vitag can help your business get insight into visitor flows, trend analysis, evaluation of advertising campaigns, deployment and performance of your personnel and can help you increase revenue by ensuring you are ready to meet demand when it happens.

Integrated counting systems

Many of Vitag’s Crosspoint and Nedap EAS Pedestal systems can be equipped with integrated Infra-Red (IR) Counting beams to count customers both in and out of the store. An internet connection is required to transmit count data and reports to allow retailers to understand traffic flows. Most Crosspoint Systems have IR Beams built in, while Nedap Pedestals can be fitted with optional counting modules. Additional connection kits and software can be needed.

Systems can provide basic daily (or other frequency) reports e-mailed to allocated users or can provide access to more complex data using cloud-based analytics platforms on a subscription basis. More advanced options allowing customers to draw data from the system or to integrate POS information with the counting date for conversion rate analysis are also available.

integrated counting systems for retail
integrated counting systems for retail stores

Overhead Traffic Counters

3D Camera options are available for use where no EAS pedestals are installed. Under-floor, overhead or embedded loop EAS systems are popular, keeping doorways clear. In these cases Vitag can offer Crosspoint or Brickstream 3D Camera Counters that integrate with respective analytics platforms. 3D Counters include significantly greater functionality (if required) helping obtain full insight in customer flows and dwell times with multiple counting zones, high accuracy, and the ability to suppress non-human objects like shopping trolleys.

Utilising the standard Crosspoint and Nedap analytics platforms multiple stores using products from the same supplier can be easily compared.

Crosspoint Analytics

This tool is great for retailers who want to obtain insight into the performance of their stores. Through an easy-to-use web-based service and iOS apps, comprehensive store analysis and store monitoring can be achieved clearly and conveniently.

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Cross point analytics retail
Nedap analytics retail

Nepad Analytics

This tool gives detailed insight into customer counter-information and alarm data. This helps you to reduce losses and increase the performance of individual stores permanently.

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