Fortus AM40

Maus AM50

Fortus AM40 is a robust wide exit alarming security tag system. With the latest digital AM 58 kHz technology. A durable aluminium antenna frame ensures the Fortus can take the knocks in open high traffic doorways from Fashion to DIY stores. Upgradable customer counter modules and remote service capabilities.

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Smart Retail Security


Smart homes, smart cities, smart industry, and smart manufacturing…Courtesy of a new era of internet capability, the world is becoming increasingly automated and connected. And retail is far from immune to the rising tide of the smart wave, with everything from logistics to inventory tracking and retail security enjoying the benefits of what’s been described…

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Three nifty things modern EAS can do for retail


Electronic Article Surveillance has been successfully protecting the retail environment from shoplifting since the late 1960s. But along the way, it has also developed some additional skills beyond just guarding the entrance to a store. Now EAS is more discreet, more versatile and packed with additional tools to help retailers better manage their operations. So,…

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Tools to combat the COVID threat to Christmas retail


As Australian retailers look to embrace a positive Christmas spending season ahead, technology is being implemented at speed in a bid to combat the threat of COVID-19. From heat mapping to digital queues and click and collect, retailers are finding innovative ways to reopen safely, while still catering to the customer experience. Here’s a quick…

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How retail will change post Covid-19

retail post COVID-19

With lockdowns progressively lifting across Australia, bricks and mortar retail is very much back on the consumer agenda. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s back to business as usual. Shopper behaviour in-store shows signs of changing as customers respond to the new normal where hygiene is front of mind, and the household budget is tight.…

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Retail Loss prevention – a guide for retailers

Retail loss prevention

Retail shrink costs the Australian industry billions each year and for the retailers looking to stem the flow of loss, keeping up to date with the best techniques and security can be challenging. With that in mind here’s an up-to-date guide on loss prevention. Four main areas In Australia the cost of retail shrink currently…

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Is it time to move beyond online versus bricks and mortar?

Online vs bricks and mortar

This time two years ago Australian retail was awash with scaremongering the sector was at risk of imminent collapse courtesy of e-commerce giant Amazon’s impending arrival. “Online would kill real world retail” many headlines proclaimed. Two years later there appear to be few casualties of what was tipped to be a huge shakeup for the…

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The human touch in retail

Human Touch in retail

Retail might be finding new and innovative ways to support the consumer experience and operate with greater efficiency, but according to a recent report from global accounting firm PwC, it’s the human factor that really counts. PwC recently surveyed 15,000 people from 12 countries to find that although technology can offer insight and improve the…

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