Nexus AM30


Nexus AM30 is a standard width exit alarming security tag system with built-in IR sensors and the latest digital AM 58 kHz technology. Nexus has an all-inclusive design with all electronics housed inside the antenna base.


Inbuilt side channels for advertising or branding panels. European designed and manufactured for industry-leading reliability, accuracy, and advanced features.

Features Snapshot


  • AM system for standard exit spacing
  • Open antenna design can take optional clear acrylic or advertising panels
  • All-inclusive design with all electronics built into the antenna
  • Integrated built-in IR sensors allows people counting capability with optional internet connection kit
  • Optional remote service capability with internet connection kit and remote service subscription
  • Multi alarm modes. Differentiate between incoming and outgoing tags using built-in sensors or activate “doorbell” function
Nexus AM30 Shop Detection Systems
Nexus AM30 Shop Detection Systems

Features Details



  • Detection: Reliable tag detection on standard width exits. Dependent on the tag type a pair Nexus can reliably detect hard tags up to 2.0m between each pedestal.
  • Small antenna: Nexus has a very small profile 40x300mm antenna. The open-frame design can take acrylic or advertising/branding panels in the custom slide inside channels.
  • All-inclusive design: The Nexus has an all-inclusive design with the antenna and electronics all housed in a single unit. Making for an easier installation compared to systems with large remote controllers.
Nexus AM30 Shop Detection Systems

More Features


  • Optional people counting: Use the Nexus as a tag alarm only system or the Nexus can be supplied with added built-in bi-directional people counter modules. When connected to our optional *Access Point Remote Module the counters can count and automatically email reports of hourly and daily customer traffic in and out of your store. We offer our popular Starter Analytics package at no charge and our Full Analytics package at a nominal annual rate
  • Optional remote service capabilities: All Nexus systems have remote tuning and service capabilities. When connected to our optional *Access Point Remote Module, Vitag has immediate access to the system ensuring fast remote response to the most common causes of low detection or false alarms. The latest firmware can also be uploaded ensuring your system remains current and running as well as the day we installed them. **Annual remote service packages are available.
  • Multi alarm modes: If the Nexus has the added customer counter modules the Multi alarm modes can be activated. Differentiate between incoming and outgoing tags. Dependent on the alarm type the Nexus can emit different audible tones or flash in different colors for visual clarification.
Nexus AM30 Shop Detection Systems
Energy efficient

Energy Saver


Crosspoint AM pedestals are not as power hungry as other pedestals available on the market. They use about 20% of the power that some competitors’ pedestals require and can be set to run in green mode.

As an example, let’s say the Crosspoint pedestal features one AM transceiver, and two AM receivers. If it runs in one store for 363 days of the year at a cost of $0.3 per kilowatt (local rate), that equates to:

Running in normal mode

    • Annual Savings: $486.13
    • 10 years of  operation: $4,861.30

Running in green mode:

    • Annual Savings: $502.46
    • 10 years of operation: $5024.65
Energy efficient

Additional information

Detection Type

All, Pedestals


All, AM

Door Size

All, Standard 2 meters or less


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