Concealed Floor Security Systems


For the retailer looking to protect their store while embracing seamless design and an appealing fit-out, concealed floor systems are the most discreet security tag system available on the market. The detection antennas are buried in a cavity under tiles, floorboards or concrete.



Ideal for wide doorways where aesthetics are more important than visual security, the system works in the same manner as traditional Electronic Article Surveillance, but the detection antennas are concealed beneath the floor at the store entry.

The benefits of a concealed floor security system include unobscured access to a store’s doorway and a completely streamlined entryway.

They allow retailers to warmly welcome the customer into the retail environment without the deterrent of visual security.

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Concealed Floor Security System

Options Available

Vitag offers two options for concealed floor security systems – FloorGuard and Argus.

Both are available in modules 1.8 meters to 3.6 meters wide, and multiple modules can be installed into wider entrances to ensure complete protection at the store entry.

Available systems are compatible with 58Khz AM security tags, making this an ideal solution for department stores, apparel retailers, and electronics merchants.

Concealed floor security systems can be installed under flooring materials including tiles, floorboards or concrete, and require approximately 20mm of depth to bury the antenna system.


  • Specifications: 58Khz (AM) Floor Transceiver EAS System.
  • Suitable Tags: Consult your Vitag specialist for the best tag choice. Detection range depends on tag selection and local electronic environment.
  • Includes: Detection Module, Adapter Box, Control Board with Power Supply and PLCU.
Concealed Floor Security Systems

Additional information

Detection Type

All, Concealed Systems



Door Size

Wide 2 meters +


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