Nedap RF i45


i45 RF antenna is a wide exit alarming security tag system. This future proof RFID upgradeable system has the latest iSense digital RF 8.2 MHz technology. i45 has an all-inclusive design with all electronics housed inside the antenna base. Inbuilt side channels for advertising or branding panels are included.


European designed and manufactured for industry-leading reliability, accuracy and advanced features.

Customer Counting and RFID modules can be added making the i45 one of the most scalable future-ready systems ever.



  • Powerful wide exit RF system
  • Open antenna design can take acrylic or advertising panels
  • All-inclusive design with all electronics built into the antenna
  • Optional built in people counters modules available
  • Optional built in RFID modules available.
  • Optional remote service capability
  • Single wire cabling between systems and power source
Nedap i45
Nedap i45


  • Detection: High detection wide exit performance. Dependent on the tag type a pair of i45s have detection of up to 2.0m between each pedestal and a further 1m backfield either side, Totalling 4.0m detection with two systems. The backfield can be shut down allowing for closer placement of tagged merchandise.
  • Small antenna: i45 has a small profile 60x460mm base and antenna. The open frame design can take acrylic or advertising/branding panels in custom slide in side channels. Can be used in high fashion stores to DIY.
  • All-inclusive design: The i45 has an all-inclusive design with the antenna and electronics all housed in a single unit. Making for an easier installation compared to systems with large remote controllers.
Nedap i45


  • Optional people counting: Use the i45 as a tag alarm only system or the i45 can be supplied with added built in bi-directional people counter modules. Low cost remote analytics packages are available where you can remotely analyse your daily customer traffic by the hour day or week.
  • RFID ready: The clip-on RFID module makes the i45 a hybrid EAS and RFID system whenever you are ready.
  • Optional remote service capabilities: i45 systems have remote tuning and service capabilities. When connected to your store network Vitag has immediate access to the system ensuring fast remote response to most common causes of low detection or false alarms. The latest firmware can also be uploaded ensuring your system remains current and running as well as the day, we installed them. **Annual remote service packages are available.
  • Low cost system: A single CAT5 cable is all that’s required from power source to system to system making the i45 the lowest cost system to install in large sites. Power can be located up to 100m away from the system.
Nedap i45
Nedap i45

Additional information

Detection Type

All, Pedestals


All, RF

Door Size

All, Wide 2 meters +


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