Why consider digital signage in-store?


The new retail landscape is all about customer engagement. Once a consumer chooses to enter a store, it’s in the retailer’s best interest to keep them there actively engaging with and forging a connection to the products they will potentially buy.

In the tough retail landscape of 2020, this engagement is critical, because it taps into the “retail experience” that remains one of the prime reasons shoppers continue to embrace bricks and mortar stores.

An often-overlooked method of engaging with customers is digital signage, so here’s an insight into why retailers should consider digital signage in-store.

What is digital signage?

Think digital signage and you can probably imagine at least five immediate examples that spring to mind. After all, it’s everywhere – on buildings, in big-name takeaways, beside major highways and more.

As a subset of the signage world, it’s a hugely popular realm for advertising. But it doesn’t have to be large and overwhelming when part of an in-store retail marketing strategy.

How is digital signage used in-store?

Within the retail environment, digital signage can be used to lure customers in as they walk past a store, or alternatively offer additional insight into products including what they do, and how they complement other items.

In-store digital signage can also be used with QR codes to allow the potential buyer to access further information on their smartphone and take that with them.

Digital signage then becomes part of the storytelling that occurs in-store, allowing consumers to interact with and understand products at a whole new level.

So, what are the benefits for retailers?

Digital signage benefits for retailers

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Digital signage can offer a wealth of benefits for retailers above and beyond fostering product engagement for customers.

These benefits range from cost to efficiency to additional insight into customer trends. So, let’s take a deeper look.


Digital signage ticks the efficiency box on a range of levels. It saves store associates time by affording customers immediate access to information. It saves labour costs by removing the need to update physical pricing.

It also removes the need to print educational materials like brochures.

The system achieves this because it is managed via the Cloud, allowing retail management to quickly update prices and information remotely which then instantly appears on the relevant digital signage terminal.

Cost savings

Efficiency equals cost-savings, and again digital signage achieves this on a number of levels.

It removes the cost of printing support materials, eliminates the cost of printing new price labels, and saves on the labour costs of updating both.


Environmental consciousness is a key area that customers wish to see retailers embrace, and digital signage assists by reducing both paper consumption and printing waste.


Critically, digital signage is instant. So, if a retailer wishes to update pricing, offer a flash sale, or indicate a product is out of stock, they can instantly do this, across multiple stores, if required.

It also allows retailers to offer the most up-to-date information to their customers, including new product features, items that are often bought together, and more.


Branding and messaging are critical when it comes to storytelling in retail, and digital signage facilitates this uniformity.

Information and imagery can be designed at one central location and pushed out across multiple stores or kept consistent throughout a single retail environment.


Insight - Digital signage in-store

Last but definitely not least, digital signage provides a retailer detailed insight into customer engagement.

Due to the analytics that accompany digital signage solutions like InVue Microsigns, retailers can understand how often a product is engaged with, which stores perform better than others when it comes to that product, and peak times when that product elicits a customer response.

In an era when every customer engagement with a product matters and each customer that enters a store is critical, this insight is becoming essential to retail success.


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