InVue MicroSigns

InVue MicroSigns is a content management software that provides retailers the ability to manage pricing and content changes in real-time.

Product Description

Engaged Retail: Transform customer engagement in your store

MicroSigns provide enterprise pricing and content management

  • Cloud based content management and distribution
  • Empowers and improves customer experience with increased engagement
  • Ability to make real time pricing and content changes to as many devices as desired
  • Analytics dashboard provides real time engagement and store performance
  • Can integrate into any retail ERP system
InVue Microsigns

MicroSigns offers visibility to in-store operational insights

InVue Microsigns
“We have observed our initial roll out  with MicroSigns for 3 months and found 30% same store sales increase, 15% margin increase and realized we had sold 3000 new plans in 3 months.
MicroSigns was at the heart of our strategy. It is the feature our customers most liked.”

MicroSigns has proven delivered value

InVue Microsigns