Ink Pin – 16mm Round

  • Ink Filled ABS Plastic 16mm Pin Head
  • Smooth 16mm Pin Shaft

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Stops attempts at forced pin removal. Not much larger than a standard pin, this small Benefit Denial ink pin contains an ink filled pin head that can render soft goods unusable if someone applies excessive force and attempts to remove the pin from the security tag by force.

Ink Pin 16mm
Ink Pin 16mm
Ink Pin - 16mm Round


  • If your security system is compromised with thieves forcibly removing your security pins, this mini ink pin is the most effective low cost way to increase the level of deterrence without a complete tag upgrade.
  • This ink pin can be attached to merchandise using either the Clutch Lock or a Security Tag.
  • Maximum deterrence without the cost.
Ink Pin - 16mm Round

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