Five smart tools changing the world of retail


The world of retail is rapidly changing with the shift to omnichannel seeing bricks and mortar playing a critical role as the place where consumers can experience products and seek out sales staff expertise.

That means every time a consumer walks through the door of a retail store a stellar customer experience is imperative.

As the customer becomes more discerning, so too do the retail tools available to assist. Here’s an insight into just four of the smart tools which are changing the world of retail.

On shelf alerts

On shelf alerts

Out of stocks are the prime reason customers walk away from a retail outlet empty-handed, costing the retail sector an estimated $14 billion annually in lost opportunity.

In fact, a recent report by global payments provider Adyen found 83 per cent of consumers have chosen to leave a store and not make a purchase due to the item they seek being unavailable.

That’s where smart tools like on shelf alerts come in. Quick to set up, these sensors provide retailers with accurate tracking of their most important SKUs and deliver immediate alerts when shelves are empty.

Interactive product displays

Interactive product displays
Featured product: InVue Microsigns

When it comes to products like mobile electronics, the prime reason a customer is in-store is to touch, feel and interact with the latest technology.

They’re looking to road test exactly what that device can do while seeking the expert advice of a sales associate.

That makes an interactive display critical to the customer experience, allowing them to engage with the product.

There are a wealth of interactive product displays available from brands like InVue, but now they’ve become a whole lot smarter courtesy of new initiatives like the S3100V.

Suited to products like smartphones, this display allows the phone to be experienced in its truest form. Using a small wireless sensor affixed to the phone, the technology allows the customer to pick up the product engage with it, and carry it around in-store.

The smartphone still remains protected against theft, courtesy of an alarm that sounds when it is leaving a designated area.

Retailers have the freedom to set the security zone parameters as they wish, and the system also features integrated charging to ensure devices remain powered and ready to go.

Smart keys

Smart keys
Featured product: InVue Live

Smart keys have revolutionised the way retail staff access cabinets and drawers housing high-value products.

The technology allows staff to be issued a single key that is programmed to access one or a series of cabinets and drawers. The system then tracks what cabinets and drawers have been accessed, when and by whom, improving store security and staff efficiency while also offering an insight into staff sales and service.

TV manager

TV manager
Featured product: InVue TV Manager

Targeted at big box retailers and home electronics stores, TV Manager allows retail associates or management to centrally co-ordinate all televisions in store.

The system enables staff to instantly control their television displays either individually or as a group across stores, and also provides real-time notifications about the display status.

Each TV manager instantly recognises the make and model of the TV it’s connected to and allows for the automation of all TVs through a single function on a mobile app.

In the process, it enables scheduling of when TVs turn on and off. Meanwhile, if power is lost to a display, it sends an instant notification to the app.

Live software

Featured product: InVue Live

Connecting these smart retail tools is analytic software that allows retailers to understand what actions need to be taken to improve the customer experience and operational efficiency.

Working in conjunction with InVue smart technology, the software provides data and analytics across a single store, numerous departments, or multiple locations.

It helps retailers understand factors like planogram compliance, customer engagement with products, and even staff interactions with locked displays.

The final word

With the customer experience becoming central to real-world retail, smart tools like the InVue range are helping to streamline operations, provide better visibility and reduce the friction of the in-store purchasing journey.

You can gain a full insight into these products and how they interact here.