Securing the iPhone during a smartphone spending bonanza

Securing the iPhone

With only days to go until the iPhone hits Australian shelves, retailers are limbering up for what promises to be a smartphone  spending bonanza.

This year alone, Aussies are tipped to fork out $150 million on attaining the latest and greatest offering from Apple in a spending spree that ensures many a retailer’s Christmas will definitely come at once.

So as we count the days until November 3 when iPhone officially hits the stores, here’s what security-savvy retailers should be considering.


To have and to hold

iPhones, like any smartphone, are a purchase built on touch and feel, with the consumer keen to know what this latest technological innovation has on offer. The most recent incarnation of the iPhone takes that feeling to a whole new level with the iPhoneX featuring a glass case, rounded edges, and water and dust resistance.

In addition to experiencing how it feels, consumers are also enthusiastic to explore what the new iPhone can do. And this fresh model offers some bold innovation, with Apple removing its seminal home button.

The upshot is many of the iPhone purchases over the coming months will be based on allowing consumers access and exploration.

For retailers this means having an interactive display area where prospective customers can feel, use and experience the iPhone, including exploring how it sits within their hands.

With the iPhoneX retailing from $1579, the iPhone8 Plus hitting shelves at $1229 and the iPhone8 priced at $1079, these are highly desired items that also command premium security.


Display security tips

When displaying iPhones look for security displays that offer features including:

  • The ability to lock the phone down if necessary to the display stand
  • Inbuilt alarms sensors attached to the phone, not the stand.
  • Cut-resistant cables to allow the consumer to pick up and interact with the phone
  • Charging capability to ensure the device is always ready to go
  • Easy installation
  • Easy reconfiguration for the various size models


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iPhone security behind the scenes

While the customer needs good access to the iPhone, it’s not just the display merchandise where electronics go missing. This means retailers should be looking to ensure their storage cabinets and drawers are also up to standard.

It’s also important to note stock loss is not just the specialty of rogue shoplifters. In Australia 39% of retail shrink is attributed to shoplifting, while a further 25% comes down to employee theft, according to the most recent Global Retail Theft Barometer.

This means systems where staff members are accountable for the access they have to secured cabinets offer the best defense.

Meanwhile, staff also require swift access to secure displays, cabinets and storage drawers to fulfill the consumer experience of a seamless transaction.


Storage security tips

When securing storage areas look for features like the following that offer swift access yet security and staff accountability:

  • A single electronic key system to reduce time spent looking for keys
  • Coded keys that track what staff members access a particular area
  • Self-latching mechanisms to ensure the cabinet is locked when closed
  • Electronic locks that don’t require direct battery or mains power.
  • Automatic refresh so if a key is lost it will cease to work, until docked on the store’s specific encoded charger.


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Showcasing accessories

Optional extras are a major element of adding value and sales revenue to the iPhone range. Unfortunately accessories are also the most commonly stolen items in the electronics field, meaning showcasing their features while preventing their theft should be of paramount importance.


Accessory security tips

  • Consider alarmed and lockable display hooks
  • Look to fixing relevant accessories like headphones to the iPhone display stand
  • Consider secure boxes or spider wrap to encase valuable merchandise


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The release of any iPhone is a hotly anticipated event, and for retailers it represents an opportunity to showcase and cash in on the latest trend.

The balance lies in displaying this valuable merchandise to great effect, while guaranteeing it against theft, damage and loss.