Secure Displays eliminate theft of high valued handsets

Secure Displays eliminates theft

Wolf – Telstra Partner: Wolf is a leading retailer of mobile devices and small electronics.


In Wolf’s retail locations they display a wide variety of today’s mobile devices.

Their current security solution was not offering the level of security they needed as they had experienced multiple “cut and runs” resulting in thousand of dollars in losses.

Thieves could easily learn how to bypass the alarms as they were not loud enough, sturdy or secure.

Wolf’s employees also had a difficult time knowing which products were actually alarmed due to sensors that were inefficient to maintain. Wolf needed a more secure solution that was easy to maintain.




“We have had zero thefts of handsets since implementation. We envision them in place for many generations of handsets.”
Shae Haefele, Director – Wolf -Telstra Partner

Wolf reached out to Vitag, InVue’s partner in Australia, looking for a solution. Vitag recommended InVue’s Series 1060 as the best solution that would meet their needs.

Series 1060 offers Wolf the ability to “lock down” the handsets while also utilizing the high security brackets. For additional security, S1060 offers quick and easy nightly removal for their highest valued handsets.

Series 1060 also offers sensors that are easily removed so handsets can be re-merchandised quickly and efficiently by employees.

“The InVue system not only makes our stores look more professional, but it showcases our live displays in a clean and effective manner – making the handsets the center of attention.

They also allow for easy display of ticketing.”

Secure Displays eliminates theft


The next step is to implement Series 1060 on all their handsets on display throughout their stores. From the value priced prepaid handsets right through the Hero handsets from Samsung. and Apple.

Secure Displays eliminates theft