Samsung unveils two powerful laptops


Samsung has hosted its third Unpacked event for the year, this time revealing two powerful laptops.
Designed with the mobile workforce in mind, the devices are billed as the most powerful Galaxy products yet and draw on the company’s renown for the production of high-quality smartphones.
Here’s what was revealed on April 28…

Galaxy Book Pro

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Pro Book is a high-spec clamshell laptop that is available in both 13.3-inch models and 15.6-inches.
Depending on the configuration, it starts at a depth of just 11.1mm, and weighs less than a kilogram, making it one of the lightest laptops available.
Samsung promises they have not sacrificed build quality in the interests of a lightweight design.
Drawing on the technology they utilise in their smartphones, the laptops are intended to cater to the reality of everyday use and have been rigorously tested.
Meanwhile, the Pro’s AMOLED display comes with the nifty features of a secret screen filter that can be turned on to make it difficult to view the contents of the screen from other angles.
TechRadar notes its price point is likely to be in the vicinity of AU$2000 for the 13.3-inch model.

Galaxy Book Pro 360

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a 2-in-1 device with touchscreen and stylus. Like the standard Pro, it comes in both 13.3-inch and 15.6 models but weighs a little more, starting at just over a kilogram.
The Pro 360 also comes with 5G support to offer fast and efficient ‘always-on’ internet access.
It is likely to kick off with a starting price of approximately AU$2150.

The Samsung Galaxy range

Samsung’s new laptops have been created to reflect the new way that people work. They’re lightweight, yet robust, drawing on the brand’s smartphone and tablet pedigree.
They are also part of an ecosystem that is designed to work together. For example, the laptop apps are the same as Samsung’s smartphones and allow for easy file transfers and working across devices.
Meanwhile, the Galaxy range now extends from smartphones to tablets, smartwatches, and earbuds.
The tech-co has also been a willing adopter of 5G wireless internet, with 5G capability now incorporated into many of their products.

Displaying the Samsung ecosystem

Displaying the Samsung ecosystem
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