Samsung S9 set to cause a retail stir

Samsung S9 to cause a retail stir

In the competitive world of mobile sales, there are few brands that rival the hype, anticipation and popularity of Apple’s legendary iPhone. But if any are in contention to steal the crown, it’s Samsung and their enduring Galaxy range.

On March 16, the Korean electronics giant officially released their latest Galaxy offering in the form of the S9 and S9 Plus. And according to reviews, it’s quite possibly the mobile phone of the year.

Here’s an insight into what’s causing all the hype and why retailers should be ready for the sales bonanza that the Galaxy S9 will inspire.

Samsung and the Galaxy range

It’s little secret Samsung is a stalwart in the smartphone realm. Since the launch of their first Galaxy at the dawn of the smartphone era in 2009, the behemoth has consistently ranked in the top five smartphone vendors.

Statista notes that at its peak in 2012, the company had a 32.2% market share and even with more competitors flooding the market retained a 18.4% stake at the end of last year.

In 2015 alone, Samsung sold 320 million smartphones, streaks ahead of Apple with 216 million.

So, let’s look at the latest Samsung offering and the hype that it elicits.

The Samsung Galaxy S9

As the flagship product of the Samsung smartphone range, the Galaxy is packed full of premium features, and this year it’s their look, camera and security that are stealing the show.

Camera – The dual aperture lens is touted to adapt just like the human eye, with the ability to automatically shift and respond to natural light. Samsung says this means the camera can “find light even in the dark” while also offering crisp photos in daylight surrounds.

The camera is backed by a host of extra features including instant editing to quickly snap and share, and a super slow-mo option that allows video to be captured in infinite detail. Users can quickly add music to video, or create a GIF and share with friends.

Meanwhile, AR has also been incorporated with a nifty little addition that allows users to take a selfie and turn themselves into an animated emoji.

Security – In a world where data security is now front of mind, Samsung has paid particular heed to the security of their phone. The S9 allows for a series of unlocking methods including facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint, pattern, password or PIN unlock.

They have also built their secure platform Samsung Knox into the phone, guarding it against malware, intrusion and malicious threats.

Live translation – Another savvy new feature of the S9 is live translation. This allows users to have a virtual translator in their pocket courtesy of the phone’s camera, which has the ability to translate languages in real time.

Auto syncing – As with previous Samsung phones, the S9 can sync and work instantly with other Samsung devices.

Design – The range comes in two sizes – the 5.8-inch S9 and 6.3-inch S9 Plus. Both feature a full glass, edge-to-edge, bevel-less screen. Samsung notes this offers an 18.5:9 display ratio that affords a cinematic view. Meanwhile they continue: “The stereo speakers tuned by AKG and enhanced with Dolby Atmos offer pure, surround sound”.

As an added bonus, the phone is water and dust resistant, and also features wireless charging.

Performance and storage –  Samsung states the S9 features a “powerful mobile processor and RAM combination”. It also boasts a MicroSD slot for expandable memory.

Price – The S9 and S9 Plus were available for pre-order on February 26,  and hit stores on March 16. The S9 currently retails for $1199 for the 64GB option and $1349 for the 256GB version. Meanwhile, the S9+ is $1349 for the 64GB option and $1499 for the 256GB.

Showcasing the Samsung S9

Samsung is marketing this phone on its looks and its social media capability, making this an item consumers are going to want to touch and hold.

As it comes with a significant price tag, potential buyers are also going to want to put it through its paces, but that makes security paramount when showcasing the S9.

Display security tips

When displaying the S9 look for security displays that offer features including:

  • The ability to lock the phone down if necessary to the display stand
  • Inbuilt alarms sensors attached to the phone, not the stand
  • Cut-resistant cables to allow the consumer to pick up and interact with the phone
  • Charging capability to ensure the device is always ready to go
  • Easy installation
  • Easy reconfiguration for the two model sizes

Our suggestion

Meanwhile, retailers should also ensure behind the scenes security is to par. Lockable cabinets are a must, along with features like Smart IR keys that ensure only select staff have access to premium phone displays, and every opening of the display cabinet or storage drawers can be tracked.

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