Optilock Tag

Security Standard
Detection range Standard

Secure your designer glasses and sunglasses with our simple, non-restrictive and non-obstructive optical tag whilst allowing customers to freely try them on.

No better security tag for size and security

Easy to use

Clear selection


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  • Frequency: 58 Khz AM or 8.2 Mhz RF
  • Size: 27×30 mm
  • Colour: Light Grey
  • Lock: Proprietary screw lock

Optilock is the best glasses security tag we have ever come across. We tested them all then chose the Optilock. It has the best balance between size and security. Normally the smaller the tag the easier it can be removed by thieves and the bigger the tag the worse it looks on the glasses. Optilock gets the balance right. There is simply no better optical frame security tag on the market.

A minimum of one Optical Tag Detacher is required per site.

Optical Tag Detacher

Available in two sizes for narrow optical frames and larger fashion frames. Use the small Optilock for frame arms up to 10mm wide and the medium for frames up to 18mm wide.

The patented locking method locks tighter to frames than other tags and adjusts to frames thickness up to 6mm thick. Unlike similar security tags the Optilock mechanism won’t break when over tightened.

Optical Tag Detacher

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