M50 Security Tag and Detacher Bundle Deal

Security Very High
Detection range High
  • Bundle includes: 500 x  M50 Security Tags and 1 x Multipolar Detacher
  • Powerful Security Tag and Multipolar Detacher combo
  • AM Frequency (RF available by special request)
  • Unopenable by Magnets or Hooks
  • Extremely Simple to Use – Plug and Play

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Defeat Shoplifters with our Highest Security Solution: Bosstag M50 and Multipolar Detacher

Introducing our Ultimate Security Bundle, combining the cutting-edge security of the Bosstag M50 with the revolutionary Multipolar Detacher. This unbeatable combination ensures the highest protection for your merchandise, deter shoplifters, and enhance your retail security strategy.


Bosstag M50 Security Tag:


The Bosstag M50 is the pinnacle of garment security. Its revolutionary shell design, provides the ultimate protection for your valuable items. Featuring a revolutionary multipolar locking mechanism, it cannot be removed with any magnet or hook – only the Multipolar Detacher included. It’s smooth pin allows for faster application and removal without damaging threads.

Frequency: AM 58 Khz (RF available by special request)

Size: 50mm x 24mm

Weight: 16.6g

Colour: Black

Z50 Security Tag

Multipolar Detacher:


The Multipolar Detacher is the epitome of advanced security technology. It’s designed to work exclusively with the Bosstag M50 Security Tags, ensuring efficient tag removal only for legitimate retailers.

This compact M Detacher can be integrated flush within countertops for streamlined security, and does not require any electrical power. Each detacher is serialized for trackability and security purposes.

M Detacher
Z50 Security Tag

Bosstag M50 is the most secure tag on the market.

Z50 multiplolar tag
Z50 multiplolar tag
Z50 multiplolar tag
Z50 multiplolar tag

The M50 security tag has a revolutionary locking system that can only be detached with a purpose-designed M Detacher.

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Weight 10.1 kg
Dimensions 38 × 29 × 30 cm

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