Google to open its first physical retail store


Google has unveiled plans to open its first bricks and mortar retail store, with the tech-co revealing the shop front will be located in Chelsea, New York and will open to the public from Summer 2021.

It comes after a turbulent time for physical retail in the United States following the shutdowns of 2020, and begs the question why would one of the world’s most successful tech-cos make a foray into physical retail?

Well, as the tech giant notes, it’s all about the customer experience and the unique strengths that only physical retail can offer.

Google’s new store

Immersion, advice, and experience are set to be the key features of the new Google retail outlet, with the company explaining the store will provide a place for customers to browse and buy an extensive line-up of products made by the company.

From Nest products to Fitbits and Pixel phones, the full line-up of Google tech will be on offer.

“Throughout the store, visitors will be able to experience how our products and services work together in a variety of immersive ways, which we’re excited to share more about when the doors open,” Google explained.

Customers will be able to interact with these products, buy them directly or purchase them online and pick up instore.

Staff on hand to help visitors get the most out of their device, whether that’s through troubleshooting, screen repairs, or assistance with installation.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long time Pixel user, are curious about our Nest displays or want to participate in one of the how-to workshops we’ll offer throughout the year — our team will be able to provide you with the help that’s specific and personalised to your needs,” Google said.

Why New York?


Google explained Chelsea, New York had been chosen as the location as this is where Google’s urban campus of more than 11,000 employees is situated.

“Google has been in New York for the last 20 years, and we view the store as a natural extension of our long-time commitment to the city,” they said.

“The new Google Store is an important next step in our hardware journey of providing the most helpful experience of Google, wherever and whenever people need it.

“We look forward to meeting many of our customers and hearing their feedback on the store, so we can continue to explore and experiment with the possibilities of a physical retail space and build upon the experience.”

The takeaways for retailers

Google’s foray into physical retail offers some interesting takeaways for retailers.

It shows one of the largest companies in the world is keen to embrace the strengths of bricks and mortar, in the knowledge customers want to touch, feel, and experience products prior to making a purchase.

It also follows the lead of other tech-cos like Apple who have set up experiential retail stores across the globe.

Personalisation is key to Google’s approach, along with offering the knowledge and wisdom of the Google staff who are on hand to guide people through their purchasing decisions and equipment set-up.

Whether Google’s shift into physical retail is a success remains to be seen, and if it is, it begs the question will something similar come to Australia in the years ahead?

But one thing is for sure if a major company like Google has faith in physical retail and the concept of the customer experience it bodes well for the future of retail.

In the interim, the new Google store is likely to be state-of-the-art when it comes to showcasing technology, with a distinct focus on customer interaction with the product.

Displaying tech to its best effect

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For retailers looking to bring a true customer experience into their store, interactive and enticing displays are a must.

As Google has acknowledged, customers want to touch, feel, and interact with the merchandise in order to make a more educated decision about their purchase.

They also want expert guidance from the staff within the retail outlet.

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