Super Pencil Tag – AM

SKU: VTT-032C 58GS
Security High
Detection range Very High
  • AM Frequency
  • Opened by a Superlock Detacher
  • Very High Detection for accurate and wide exit detection

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Super Pencil Tag has detection components. If your existing AM frequency security tag system has poor detection, the Super Pencil may close the detection gaps. Or if you want to place your security pedestals further apart than the manufacturers requirements, the Super Pencil Tag will allow this.

For even greater detection our Super D tag is also available.

Super Pencil Tag
Super Pencil Tag
Super Pencil Tag


Size: Super Pencil Tag is 61mm long.

Requires Grooved Pin: The tag accepts grooved pins.

Ink Pin: At any stage security can be dramatically upgraded by replacing the standard pin with the addition of our ink filled pin. Nothing stops a professional shoplifter like this ink pin.

Frequency: AM 58 kHz

Colour: Grey

Lock: Superlock*. A powerful magnetic detacher. If you are unsure if your existing detachers will open this tag, give us a call or email us a photo.

Weight: 12.4g

Super Pencil Tag

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Dimensions 300 × 290 × 160 cm

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