BossTag XT30 High Security Tag – with pin

Security High
Detection range High
  • AM Frequency
  • High Security Tag
  • Requires High Security XT Detacher
  • Medium Size – 63mm for high detection
  • Includes large smooth pin for added security
  • Accepts lanyards, Ink Pins, Hook Pins and RFID Pins

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Sold in boxes of 100


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High security fashion security tag in a compact body.

Boss XT30 comes with our high security XT pin lock mechanism. That means it can’t be removed by other available high strength magnets. The oversized pin head resists pin shaft  tampering.

Flexible and scalable with four tags in one. Use as a high security clothing tag or you can pick from four different compatible pins: black, ink, versa pin or a lanyard for attaching to accessories.

Tag includes fashion pin.

BossTag XT30 High Security Tag
BossTag XT30 High Security Tag
BossTag XT30 High Security Tag



Size: 63 mm long

Weight: 12.6g

XT Lock: Common Superlock and Standard Lock magnetic detachers are unable to release the pin from this tag. The high strength lock mechanism in the XT30 renders weaker detachers that may be used by shoplifters useless. Our XT Lock detachers can open this tag and just about any other magnetic tag.

Oversized Security Pin Head: Compared to standard tags that have small pin heads we increased the pin head size to 30mm, double the size of normal pins. This feature reduces the chance of a shoplifter cutting the pin shaft.

Smooth Pin Included: The tag accepts smooth or grooved pins. The smooth pin will not damage threads like grooved pins do. Attach tags in a visible position and deter shoplifters from cutting garments. Faster application and removal.

Ink Pin: At any stage security can be dramatically upgraded by replacing the standard pin with the addition of our ink filled pin. Nothing stops a professional shoplifter like this ink pin

BossTag XT30 High Security Tag



Hook Pin: This versatile pin with hook allows the tag to be attached to accessories that are unable to be pierced by pins.

Lanyard: The inbuilt lanyard hole is ready to accept lanyards for attaching to accessories like handbags, shoes and appliances.

RFID: Compatible when used with our optional RFID pin. EAS security and RFID in one tag. Future proof tag – RFID ready.

Frequency: AM 58 kHz

Colour: Black

Pin: Smooth shaft with large pinhead

XT30 Security Tag
XT30 Security Tag

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