RF Label 8.2Mhz

40mm x 40mm is the most widely used size RF 8.2 MHz security label. Will work will all 8.2Mhz RF detection systems and security label deactivators.


Product Description

Made in Japan, this patented high quality adhesive security label has many unique features not available with other leading label brands.

This label is not detuned by the human body or large amounts of moisture. It is safe in microwaves. Incredibly low reactivation rate avoids those embarrasing false alarms(have you ever seen a securty label come back to life after you have deactivated it?).


  • Compatible with all 8.2MHz RF detection systems available from Vitag, Checkpoint and others.
  • Size – 40mm x 40mm
  • Frequency – 8.2MHz
  • Surface – Quality Paper (standard)
  • Thermal Paper
  • Adhesive – Hot Melt
  • Surface Finish – Dummy Barcode

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