The Z Range from Neotag is the latest technology in EAS security tags, and represents a game changer in the retail loss prevention environment courtesy of its revolutionary multipolar locking mechanism.

The Z50 and Z CableLok have been designed with maximum security in mind and are simply the most secure clothing and accessories tags on the market.


The Z product range features a unique design that ensures it cannot be removed by any magnet, super detacher or tag removal hook, other than the specific Z Detacher.

The total rethink of the magnet strength behind the locking mechanism results in security tags that eradicate illicit removal.

With retail shrink in Australia accounting for 2.7 billion per year* and with shoplifting and employee theft accounting for 64% of that loss, it is crucial for retailers to develop effective strategies to prevent losses.

The Z Range

Available to suit a variety of applications, the Z range incorporates high-quality materials. Every component of the tags are selected to enhance resistance and detection quality.


  • Most secure clothing tag on the market
  • Designed with the Multipolar security mechanism
  • Can only be removed with the Z Detacher
  • Comes in AM and RF frequencies
  • Compatible with your existing pedestals
  • Smooth pin which will not damage your garnment
  • Comes with a park hole for quicker and more efficient usage

Z CableLok

  • Available in AM and RF Frequencies
  • Optimal security
  • Part of the Z range, Z CableLock benefits from a Multipolar security mechanism
  • Perfectly suited for accessories such as hangbags, shoes but also tools
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with existing detection systems

Z Detacher

  • Unique and patented design
  • Unique serial number
  • Only detacher to be able to remove Z Range clothing tags
  • Counter mounted, sits flush on the countertop