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  • XT30P


  • ABS Plastic 30mm Pin Head
  • Smooth 17mm Pin Shaft

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Product Description

This Dome Head Plastic Pin has a smooth pin and a large oversize transparent head for use on our X30 and XT30 tags.

XT30 Security Pin
XT30 Security Pin
XT30 Security Pin
  • We increased the pin head size to 30mm, double the size of normal pins. The pin is smooth and is less likely to damage threads like grooved pins do. Faster application and removal. Attach tags in a visible position.
  • XT30 clear pin works is compatible with the XT30 BossTag or Vitag X30 security tag.
  • At any stage, security can be dramatically upgraded by replacing this pin with the addition of our ink filled pin. Nothing stops a professional shoplifter like this ink pin
XT30 Security Pin

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Weight 0.0026 kg
Dimensions 250 × 170 × 180 cm
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