Vitag E18 Security Tag with Pin

Security Standard
Detection range High
  • AM and RF Frequency
  • Opened by a Superlock detacher
  • Grey
  • Small size – 50mm
  • Temporary Pin Park Hole
  • Accepts Ink Pins and RFID Pins

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Vitag E18 with pin requires a strong Superlock* magnetic detacher for pin removal.

Small, compact and lightweight, this mini-security tag is perfect for those looking for a small lightweight pencil tag.

E18 grey tag
E18 security tag with pin


Size: Vitag E18 tag is only 50mm long. Small and lightweight yet has high quality electronics for accurate reliable detection.

Pin Park: No need to separate the tag and pin when in storage. We provide a special hole to temporarily park the pin on the tag when it’s not on a garment. Faster reapplication, no lost pins and no fingers being pierced. Pin parking ensures no pins are left on sold garments.

Grooved Pin: This bundle includes a grooved plastic dome head pin. Attach tags in a visible position and deter shoplifters from cutting garments. Faster application and removal.

Ink Pin: At any stage security can be dramatically upgraded by replacing the standard pin with the addition of our ink filled pin. Nothing stops a professional shoplifter like this ink pin.

E18 security tag with pin


RFID: Compatible when used with our optional RFID pin. EAS security and RFID in one tag. Future proof tag – RFID ready.

Frequency: AM 58 kHz and RF 8.2 MHz

Colour:  Light Grey

Lock: Superlock*. A powerful magnetic detacher. If you are unsure if your existing detachers will open this tag, give us a call or email us a photo.

E18 grey tag

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Weight 0.0094 kg
Dimensions 310 × 160 × 180 cm


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