Series 855V


Series 855V is a streamlined vertical display solution with ultra-low profile sensors that protects handhelds and tablets while maintaining a minimal display aesthetic.


Ultra low profile sensor.

Optimal customer experience.

InVue Series 855v

Series 855V vertical display has a streamlined sensor design offering authentic user experience.

The S855V has a built-in alarm unit in the stand and offers reliable performance by ensuring that displays are always powered thanks to consistent charging up to 2.1A.

It is also compatible with branded point of sale merchandising displays to help drive display compliance.

InVue Series 855v
InVue Series 855v
InVue Series 855v


  • Vertical display for both handhelds and tablets ensures device stability
  • Ultra low profile sensors minimise interference for an enhanced customer experience
  • 76cm exposed cable disconnects at stand for easy nightly removal
  • Three sensor options available: Micro USB, Type C and lightning sensor


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