The OnePOD range has a common design and shared components for the display and security of phones and tablets. From standard to high security, alarmed to non alarmed, fixed to lock-down.


The OnePOD:

When Customer Experience meets Security

InVue OnePOD

Multiple Security Options


Durable ABS plastic or NEW High Strength steel internal mechanism with alarm, which can resist up to 180 kg of force

InVue OnePOD

New High Security Bracket Arms

OnePOD tablets

OnePOD comes with NEW ultra high security 4 mm thickness bracket arms that will withstand theft attempts.

OnePOD Unique Key

A Unique Key per store

Unlike other security phone display solutions on the market, the OnePOD has a UNIQUE electronic key per store.

The key times out after 12 hours eliminating the risk of theft if keys are stolen or lost.

OnePOD Unique Key

Merchandise lift or lock-down


  • Does not interfere with customer interaction
  • Security and power for phones and tablets
  • 90° portrait/ landscape rotation
  • Stand has accessory for security of accessories
OnePOD Invue special key - Merchandise lift
OnePOD Invue special key - Merchandise lift
InVue OnePOD

Easy Re-Merchandising and Nightly Storage


  • Quick release for easy re-merchandising or nightly storage
InVue OnePOD


Regardless of the level of security, customers can have hands-on experience with the products.


  • Standard Security Cord with Alarm
  • High Security Cord with Alarm
OnePOD Recoiler
OnePOD Recoiler

OnePOD Stand Comparison

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