IR Package Wrap

The IR package wrap makes packaged merchandise visible and secure. It allows to openly display merchandise while providing robust security.

Product Description

Magnets don’t stand a chance.

The IR package wrap is designed for retailers who want to protect boxed merchandise intended for display on shelves.

This compact solution, which cannot be defeated by magnets, features a low profile design to ensure maximum visibility of the package graphics and information. It also features a twist-to-tighten design that makes it simple and easy to use.

InVue IR Package Wrap
InVue IR Package Wrap


  • Cannot be defeated by magnets
  • Disarm/Unlock with the IR3 Key or at the register with the OneKey detacher
  • Alarm housing does not obstruct graphics and information
  • Available in 2 different sizes: 132cm or 254cm, the package wrap is designed to suit small to large packaged merchandise.
InVue IR Package Wrap


  • Simple 2-piece design for quick and easy application
  • Robust ratcheting mechanism makes tightening easy and application secure
InVue IR Package Wrap
InVue IR Package Wrap

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A store wide single key security system for high theft merchandise. The OneKey Ecosystem allows you to safely open and access your high theft merchandise on display and ensures that store associates always have the right key at the right time.

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132cm, 254cm


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