Cross Point AM Label Deactivator XAMD-1

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This is a stand alone combined label detector and label deactivator, designed for reliable detection and deactivation of AM labels.

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Deactivation occurs automatically after a label is presented. After deactivation, a green light and buzzer notify the user about a successful deactivation. A red light and buzzer notify the user about a failed deactivation.

The optional notification box can easily be connected to the Deactivator unit through its extension cable. The notification box also contains a green and red LED and a buzzer and will provide the visual and audible notifications.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a key switch, which allows store employees to disable deactivation in those moments that employees are not present at the cash desk This to avoid unauthorised deactivation by non-store employees.

Crossp Point AM Deactivator
Crossp Point AM Deactivator



  • Antenna and controller box integrated into one part
  • Controller box size – 244mm x 199mm x 47mm
  • Weight – 1.4kgs
  • Operating frequency – 58kHz
  • Power supply (internal) – 115 VAC or 230VAC
Crossp Point AM Deactivator

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 80 cm

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