Antenna for Smart Label Deactivator – Above Counter

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A high-end security label deactivator antenna for table-top use. Deactivates all deactivatable 8.2MHz RF security labels.


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This  label deactivator works with our Smart Label Deactivator RF Controller.

Deactivation changes an EAS label from an active state that alarms a working EAS tag system to an inactive state that will not alarm it. The deactivation unit is placed next to the point-of-sale equipment for quick and easy checkout.

The Smart Deactivator Antennas are a range of high-performance label deactivator antennas. The antennas are available in two models and sizes for mounting under a table or for table top use.

Antenna for Smart Label Deactivator
Antenna for Smart Label Deactivator


  • Table top use
  • 282mm x 282mm
  • Smart label deactivation
  • High-performance deactivation up to 30cm above table top
  • Antenna only – Requires Smart Label Deactivator RF Controller
Antenna for Smart Label Deactivator

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 310 × 300 × 40 cm

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