InVue OnePOD

Introducing the new OnePOD 90 QR

A modern and sleek solution that offers maximum security for high value merchandise with no alarm.

OnePOD 90 QR

Reduce theft

Minimise theft during and after store hours:

  • Undefeatable mechanical security with steel skeleton and sensor
  • 4-way steel bracket arm
  • Over 180 kilos resistance
  • Compatible with InVue Access Manager
  • Part of the IR Key EcoSystem

Inviting Customer Experience

The non-obstructive yet highly secure 4 way steel brackets arms of the OnePOD 90 QR allows for an inviting and meaningful customer experience even in a high security environment.

The One90QR OnePOD rotates 90 degrees between portrait and landscape mode.


Easy Night Removal

The quick release sensor allows for easy and quick nightly removal saving both time and money.

Part of the IR Key Eco System

Part of the IR Key Eco-system, the One90QR OnePOD does not use a mechanical key and will eliminate issues such as broken or jammed keys.

The IR Key is a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.

When paired with Access Manager, it enables store zoning, key authorization and employee usage tracking.


Interested in the One90QR OnePOD for your store or wanting more information?

Contact Andrew Sayer: on 0425 806 555 or [email protected]au