i40 Security Tag

Vitag i40 Security Tag

The Vitag i40 Security Ink Tag is only 40mm by 40mm in size. The most feature rich tag ever in a small compact body. Faster application and removal.

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Product Description

Embedded ink canisters offer maximum deterrence and tamper resistance.

We increased the pin head size to 40mm, triple the size of normal pins. This transparent oversized pin head reduces tag attack and garment tearing by shoplifters. The pin is smooth and will not damage threads like grooved pins do. No need to tag garments through seams. Attach tags in a visible position.

i40 security tag

No need to separate the tag and pin when in storage. We provide a special hole to temporarily park the pin on the tag when its not on a garment. Faster reapplication, no lost pins and no fingers being pierced. Pin parking ensures no pins are left on sold garments that can injure your customers.

i40 Security Tag

RFID compatible when used with our optional RFID pin. EAS security and RFID in one tag. Future proof tag – RFID ready.

We built in a cable lanyard slot that allows you to attach this tag to other merchandise like handbags, shoes and appliances.

Size: Vitag i40 is only 40mm by 40mm in size. The most feature rich tag ever in a small compact body.

Colour: Black and light Grey

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All, AM, RF

Tag Type

All, Ink, Shell


All, Apparel, Other


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