Nexus AM30
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Nexus AM30

Nexus AM30 is an efficient acrylic aluminium framed AM technology antenna and electronics with the industries smallest footprint perfectly styled to match your store interior. European designed and manufactured for industry leading reliability and accuracy

Product Description

Nexus Nuda and Nexus Optima a family of Security Tag Detection Systems with optional Customer Counting and Remote Service. The Nexus has a very small 30cm x 4cm footprint with a transparent acrylic design for minimal entrance obstruction.



An efficient AM 58 kHz security tag surveillance system. Dependent on the tag type a pair of Nexus offers detection of up to 2.1m between each pedestal. The Nexus and its bigger model the Maxus are compatible with all Vitag and alternative manufacturer AM security tags and adhesive security labels. Give us a call for a compatibility check and upgrade today.


Your everyday security system that incorporates the latest digital signal processor with accurate reliable security tag detection and the industry’s lowest power consumption. Use it as is or dress it up with custom colour inserts, advertising or branding.


The same as the Nexus Nuda except with a host of advanced features:

  • CUSTOMER COUNTING: Not only a security system, the Nexus Optima combines security tag surveillance with optional bidirectional visitor counting. When the Optima is connected to our optional CrossCONNECT platform, visitor numbers and alarm management information will be available online for further processing. Reports can be sent to your mailbox and information can flexibly be integrated into existing management information systems. This enables you to easily verify sales conversion rates, adjust staff planning and optimise the stores performance.
  • INFORMATIVE: The bidirectional sensors will also notify staff if a tag is either entering or leaving the store with different alarm tones.
  • REMOTE SERVICE: A remote internet maintenance package is also available, this guarantees optimum operation at minimum cost over the life of the system
  • LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP: The latest generation digital technology uses a fraction of the energy power other AM systems use. We will ensure you have the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the system.VITAG ANALYTICS is available with the Nexus AM30 system upon request* (*some fees may occur with this feature)


  • Wide Exit Security
  • Small Size
  • Transparent or customisable acrylic design,
  • Lowest energy use.


Additional Information

Detection Type

All, Pedestals


All, AM

Door Size

All, Standard 2 meters or less


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