HS400 – Tablets

Maximum security with full customer interaction. A high security solution providing unmatched security while allowing customers to fully interact with the merchandise.

Product Description

HS400 is the highest level of security available that also allows customers to fully interact with the merchandise on display. It empowers sales associates to quickly release a phone or tablet, so customers can have a true hands-on experience. Even when locked down, the HS400 enables customers to easily interact with merchandise.

  • Ideal for retailers with store staff assistance
  • Clamps come in different sizes
  • Three display options – puck, stand and wall mount
  • Alarming optional with Zips 2.0 or S2800
  • Designed for smartphones and tablets


A storewide single key security system for high theft merchandise. The IR Ecosystem allows you to safely open and access your high theft merchandise on display and ensures that store associates always have the right key at the right time.

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