Bob – Fusion

With a smooth rotating swivel base, Bob pivots 270°. The tablet case can also rotate between portrait and landscape as well as flip 130° back and forth between two users.

Product Description

Great security and cable management. Run your power cable internally from the tablet case into the rotating base and out through the slot on the base to your power source. If you would like your cable to stay out of view, simply run the cable through a suitably drilled hole in the table or mounting surface.

The tablet case is locked by a barrel key. For users who require the same key for multiple BOB’s our Fusion Keyed Alike Locks can be purchased.

BOB is all about motion, with a smooth rotating swivel base that pivots 270° it is ideal for multi-user interaction. The tablet case can also rotate between portrait and landscape as well as flip 130° back and forth between two users. All these features come standard with BOB Tablet Kiosks.


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